Back To Exercising

posingTomorrow starts my goal of running a 5k. I have been thinking about it for a while now but have had to get in the right mindset to actually do it. I know myself and if I’m not in the right frame of mind going into something like this I am going to fail miserably. It was that way when I decided to quit smoking a few years ago. I must have tried about 4 different times before I finally did it the right way. The right way in case you are wondering is going full on cold turkey. I am a firm believer that is the only way to quit. Using a patch or gum or cutting back until you cut back to none are all recipes for failure. I am so glad that I did because I can’t believe the price for a pack of cigarettes these days. I don’t know if I could even afford to smoke if I wanted to. I was a half a pack smoker during the week and closer to a full pack on the weekends. That would add up to a lot of money quick these days. It wasn’t even all that cheap back then but I somehow made it work.

The reasons I want to run a 5k are many. The biggest one being that I really do need to get into some kind of shape.  I’m going to be 40 years old soon and while I’m not obese or anything I’m also not what you would call physically fit. I know the older I get the harder it is going to be so I want to do something now. There is a race next year in February that is my target. That gives me a little over 4 months to get ready. I know with that amount of time I could probably run a lot farther but that goes back to me being realistic in my goals. I don’t want to shoot for a full marathon when I have never run a race before in my life. I’ll work my way up to that eventually if I am so inclined to do so. I’m not really sure that running 26 miles at a time is something I’m going to be interested in but you never know.

My friend Steve is into running and he is going to be my unofficial trainer. We’re going tomorrow morning to a running store to get me a new pair of shoes. According to him a good pair of shoes is the most important thing when you are starting out. I’m just going to trust him on that one since he does know a lot more about it than I do at this point. Afterwards we are going to a local forest preserve to see how the shoes do. I guess I should have stated before this that I’m going to be running on trails not on road races. I have no interest in running on asphalt. I want to be out in the woods on a trail when I’m running. Steve has a whole training plan mapped out for me that I have to follow. I’m going to start by more or less walking for a couple of weeks. I can mix in some very slow jogging when I feel up for it but he doesn’t want me to overdo it and hurt myself. He said I’m going to be using muscles that I haven’t used in a long time so I need to work into it especially at my age. That made sense to me. That last thing I want is to hurt myself before I even get started.