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Disliking Your Job

I woke up this morning and like most mornings lately I am exhausted. I am having a real hard time getting to sleep at night and I’m not sure what is going on. I used to be able to fall asleep like a baby. I do have a general idea of the reason behind it […]

Back To Exercising

Tomorrow starts my goal of running a 5k. I have been thinking about it for a while now but have had to get in the right mindset to actually do it. I know myself and if I’m not in the right frame of mind going into something like this I am going to fail miserably. […]

My Vehicle Trouble

Of everything that I am planning, the most substantial one for me is probably the fact that I need to get a new set of tools. Like, OK, I have some, but I don’t really use them and I think that it’s because I am not really enjoying them. This probably sounds unusual but I […]

My Things

My kitchen is quite cool. I mean, look, there aren’t many things that I really know about, but I know about kitchens, and I can tell you that mine is cool. I have this oven that has burners on it that actually function, I mean, I have had stoves before that didn’t really do what […]

Confidence Boosters

My friend is excited He’s all excited because he just talked to a random attractive woman. He’s shy. I told him you did alright. You saw a woman and had a casual conversation with her, just because she talked to you doesn’t mean that you have to ask her out. Maybe she didn’t really give […]

How To Compliment A Stranger

Can you just randomly compliment a stranger? I dunno. I always fly of the top of my head. “I love that smile” “that might be the best dress ive ever seen” “those shoes are awesome” Who cares. to be honest when it comes to no strings attached spontaneous compliments people aren’t that picky. The important […]

We’ve All Been Here Before

My friend gf’s appears to be taking a non-stop trip aboard the crazy train. He keeps asking me for advice but isn’t taking it.  I think it’s the kind of thing where he knows he’s unhappy but keeps clinging to hope. Background: – his gf is being crazy and bringing the drama like there’s no […]