Confidence Boosters

My friend is excited

He’s all excited because he just talked to a random attractive woman.

He’s shy.

I told him you did alright.

You saw a woman and had a casual conversation with her, just because she talked to you doesn’t mean that you have to ask her out. Maybe she didn’t really give you an opening. You just saw a woman who you thought would talk to you, approached her, conversed with her normally, and then you left.

It’s not as if you offended her or came across as some sort of weirdo by mistake, she talked to you, you gauged her properly. Keep it up, talk to the women who will talk to you and sometime it will pop into your head; ‘ask this woman out.’

When that happens you can tell her where you were going, coffee or shopping for whatever at some nearby store. Ask her if she wants to come along. If she doesn’t want to go for coffee or to check out whatever at the store with you then you tell her; ‘we could get together later.’ If she gives you two seconds, like she’s thinking about it ask her; ‘when are you free.’

You did exactly what you should have done. A mistake would have been to keep walking when you saw her and figured she would talk to you. Just keep talking to the women and sometime you’ll be talking away and you’ll go, you know; ‘right now,’ I gotta ask her right now.’ Do it then.

It might be easier if you approach just to talk and not necessarily have the specific intention of asking her out. If it happens fine and if it doesn’t then that’s fine too.

I mean everyone always says this, it’s about confidence. And I tend to agree, usually confidence goes hand in hand with good looks. However, there is always the exception to the rule, and individuals who know they are beautiful no matter their weight or body type and carry it well. Your bf seems to be someone who knows he’s a great person for x number of reasons and truly believes it, that definitely comes through in a personality.

However, when you don’t think of yourself that way, I think it’s very hard to change that fact. The ‘fake it till you make it’ doesn’t really work here either imo, because you end up coming off as arrogant or nervous about your own self. Just my theory and observations.