How To Compliment A Stranger

Can you just randomly compliment a stranger?

I dunno. I always fly of the top of my head.

“I love that smile”
“that might be the best dress ive ever seen”
“those shoes are awesome”

Who cares. to be honest when it comes to no strings attached spontaneous compliments people aren’t that picky.

The important part is to deliver it with a calm smile and your body language must convey that its a passing comment. If you look like you might stick around they will think much harder about it. If you are actually trying to start a conversation a compliment isn’t always the best way to go. For just trying to get comfortable walking up to girls you don’t know its great, because every girl likes a polite compliment.

Maybe people need to do immersion like Victor Frankl used to do.

I love Frankl, there was a whole group of psychologist that believed in confronting you’re fear, you must be immersed in your fear. They took it a bit far to say if you were scared of spiders, to put you in a room filled with spiders. Of course as in Psychology, than there are those that were more moderate, so instead, you are first shown a picture of a spider from 20 ft away, than 10ft, than in your face. You are than taken to a room with a single spider 20 ft away, etc.. until you get comfortable.

In the last 2 months, i’ve been on a kick to start dating. Not sure why, but I feel it. I’m 24, honestly never been on a date, already in that age where that’s sort of weird…i’d really not like it to be 25, 26, etc.

It sucks because I know logically the more pressure you put on it, the more awkward you become since it isn’t natural, or spontaneous…however, it’s hard to just ignore your self thoughts.

I’m glad that you said that though, that I did alright. I had a normal conversation and that’s just fine to leave it at that. I just know, I’d really like to try to find someone to share a life with, by dating and hoping to find someone that clicks. I don’t have to find a date tomorrow, or even a month from now, but I want to make steps toward making that a reality.

I tried hard during HS, didn’t care during college as I was pretty busy. It’d hit me once in a blue moon, but wouldn’t feel like I HAD to date. However, as of late, it’s been hitting me.