My Things

My kitchen is quite cool. I mean, look, there aren’t many things that I really know about, but I know about kitchens, and I can tell you that mine is cool. I have this oven that has burners on it that actually function, I mean, I have had stoves before that didn’t really do what they were designed to do and they were difficult to cook on, but man, this one that I have is effective. So when I am making something like eggs, they heat the way they are supposed to. It has made me want to get other stuff for my apartment, too, and I am going to start with some patio furniture. Either that or some wrought iron garden furniture which, even though I don’t know much about gardening, I think would make a good fixture to have outside. It’s the kind of thing where I can go out there and it will give me something to enjoy.

So while I am talking about outside, the other thing I have been thinking about doing is getting a fence. Now, I don’t know if there are any rules or anything about that where I live, but I think that having a fence would section off my yard into a fixed area that would be more open as far as allowing people to stay within a specific division. It’s like, you have people over and they start wandering around and it’s like you guys have to come back here, so getting a fence would help with that. But really if I have some patio stuff out there as well that might entirely change the way they are mingling, too. But as long as I have people over it’s really a good experience no matter what we do.

And then the other thing I have been thinking about doing outside is getting a place to store my tools. I have a lot but I don’t really have much room to put them. I don’t have a garage, well, I don’t have my own garage, and so I have them just like in my sunroom and that isn’t where they should go, so I was thinking there is probably a unit I can get to put back there that will give me some good storage. But that’s something I will need to check when I am at the outlet for the local center for housewares.