My Vehicle Trouble

muscle-car-1450136Of everything that I am planning, the most substantial one for me is probably the fact that I need to get a new set of tools. Like, OK, I have some, but I don’t really use them and I think that it’s because I am not really enjoying them. This probably sounds unusual but I think that if you don’t relish something you probably won’t pick it very much. So anyway, I am wanting to complete that. I am going to find a BMW repair Scottsdale shop too because my car has been having a weird light come on on the dash and I don’t know what it means and I figure that I should probably bring it somewhere. This will let me find out what is going on and I won’t have to be concerned about it anymore. I have been talking to a friend that said I should probably get this fixed soon because it might turn into a different issue. Cars are not something I know a lot about. Mostly I just know that I have a sedan because it has four doors and a coupe has two doors. Everyone thinks coupes look better but they don’t. I mean seriously, have you seen any? They are wonderful. And they are better because they have four doors so you can get stuff in them easier. My friend was telling me that he read something about a three door car but I think they are were talking about a fast back. I don’t know. It sounds awesome though.

There are different things I Need to do around my apartment but I will talk about those at another moment. There is a girl I know that I am thinking about inviting out but I don’t know if I should because I am a little bit nervous. I hate that feeling but it’s pretty normal. But yo know you’re supposed to be like hey, let’s do something and they she will say yes and then you go out but it makes it so scary to do so. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do. So I’m thinking about seeing if she wants to do something like that. I really should just do it though because the best thing to do is to be confident and then there is a greater likelihood that she will say yes. She is really cool though and we have been emailing each other.